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Treasures await you at Bluebonnet Exchange

May 20, 2023

By Pleasanton Express Staff | on August 02, 2023

Jacquelynne Cruz is the owner of the Bluebonnet Exchange Company, a new boutique thrift store, located at 1409 Second St. in Pleasanton. ALYX MORGAN | PLEASANTON EXPRESS PHOTOS

Jacquelynne Cruz has a deep thrifting lineage that called her to open The Bluebonnet Exchange Company, a new boutique thrift store. The store opened in March 2023 and is located at 1409 Second Street in Pleasanton.

Cruz said the inspiration for the Bluebonnet Exchange came from her grandparents, Rafael and Aurora Cruz, lifelong residents of Poteet and her daughter, Ellie. Rafael started several businesses in the area, Aurora loved thrifting and Elle has a love for bluebonnets. Ellie was born in the middle of the bluebonnet season in April. Cruz said it was serendipitous to also have her store opening in the middle of the bluebonnet season.

The Bluebonnet Exchange Company throws out vibes of nostalgia and uniqueness from the items around the store, including cool clothes, cowboy boots, shoes, furniture, dishes, books, housewares and so much more. Bluebonnet Exchange displays around the thrift boutique are either thrifted or crafted using scraps of wood and furniture.

Along with these gorgeous leather boots, you can find furniture, home goods, books, clothing and more at the Bluebonnet Exchange Company.

Cruz welcomes new customers like old friends with a bright and welcoming smile. She said she tells her team at the shop that everyone has a story. “The only thing we are here to do is provide people with a new treasure. It might be the treasure they need, like clothes or shoes for their kids. It might be a treasure, like a cute antique. We’re treasure hunters; that’s what we do. And we’re here to match people to their treasure.” Cruz is excited to offer something new with a “Backyard Sale” the first weekend of every month, starting in August.

Buffalo Exchange, a highend resale store, inspired the eclectic boutique. “This stuff has so much life left. And that was a huge aspect, too,” Cruz said. “It doesn’t belong in a landfill. I know that much. There are families who need it and could really use it. It’s really good, beautiful stuff. It’s sustainability and affordability … And, you know, the love continues. The magic continues. We all deserve nice things.” Cruz credited it to her selfproclaimed personality of being “crunchy” or hippie.

This Remington Typewriter is looking for a new home.

Jacquelynne grew up traveling the country and seeking swanky thrift stores in such places as New Orleans. “[Thrifting] was one of our favorite things to do. Move to a new town and find the thrift stores. It’s really fun,” said Cruz.

Jacquelynn’s grandmother, Aurora Cruz of Poteet, instilled the love of thrifting into her family lineage. “So interestingly enough, my grandmother started the whole idea of shopping second-hand in our family line. My grandpa, Rafael, was in the military and together, they had four kids, so they were always moving around. She did a lot of thrifting,” Cruz explained. “I think she instilled that in my mom, too and then my mom really instilled that in me.”

A favorite spot in the store for parents and kids is the playroom that kids can go in while their adult is shopping. Cruz said that children have even said they want to have their birthday party there because of how fun the playroom is. The kid’s playroom started as a space for Cruz’s four-yearold daughter, Ellie, to play in while Cruz ran the store as a single mother. She might use it as a homeschool area, too, when the time comes.

You can find great treasures at the Bluebonnet Exchange Company, such as children’s clothing. ALYX MORGAN | PLEASANTON EXPRESS

Cruz moved to Pleasanton from Austin when COVID-19 hit and wanted to move again once things were back to some semblance of normal. She said, “I really felt a calling. I felt like God told me this is what you need to do. I only came here when COVID hit. Our goal was we would be here one year in Pleasanton and let COVID kind of pass while in a safe, small town. Then the plan was for us to go on with our adventure. Here it is, years later, and we’re still here.” She added, “I felt this calling in my heart – ‘you need to open the store.’”

The Bluebonnet Exchange does take donations and very little will be turned away. However, Cruz is selective in what is placed on display in the store. If items don’t fit the shop but have life left in them, the items will be packed up nicely and passed along to Begin Again Thrift Store or a nonprofit organization in San Antonio. Clothes and textiles that are too worn or tattered are handled and sent to a textile recycling center.

This Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. The Bluebonnet Exchange is having a Thrift Store Overstock Sale featuring clothes, shoes, furniture and more.

You can follow the Bluebonnet Exchange on their social media. Their Facebook page is Bluebonnet Exchange Co and their Instagram handle is @ They are open Tues. – Sat. from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. They accept cash, card, Venmo, CashApp and PayPal.

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