Best Watch Boxes and Cases for Men 2023, Tested by Style Experts
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Best Watch Boxes and Cases for Men 2023, Tested by Style Experts

Sep 25, 2023

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Set aside your treasured tickers in style.

IF YOU own a watch (even a cheap watch) of any kind, it needs a safe storage spot beyond your bedside table. It might seem obvious, but by its very nature, a watch, like jewelry, is not the sort of item you can just chuck anywhere—regardless of how much or little you spent on the accessory.

And that’s where watch boxes come in. A designated watch case can keep your timepieces organized and protected—and they’re especially useful if you have more than one wristwatch because, realistically, how much space is there really left on said bedside table? Even so, accidents happen, and the next thing you know, you’ve got to fork out on a new luxury watch (or two)—or worse, damage an heirloom.

Watch cases, in particular, are also a great way to display your watch collection when your timepieces are not being worn. In fact, the best watch boxes are smart and tasteful, adding a touch of sophistication to any room. There’s a reason why watch collectors are such big fans. So, whether you’re a one-piece guy or an aficionado in the making, take your pick from our variety of the 15 best watch boxes for men, no matter the size of your collection.

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The duo behind Glenor Co. began their luxury jewelry and watch boxes company when they combined their respective interests—a love for beauty and the knack for organization. You can see their passion materialize in this exquisite carbon fiber-textured watch box with stainless steel buckle closure.

It seems like a natural fit that Wolf—established in 1834 by silversmith Philip Wolf—makes our list. When the German founder’s cases began outselling his silverware, he knew he was onto something. This watch box with an olde worlde design also features a drawer to store all your prized jewelry items.

Watches along with other trinkets like cufflinks and sunglasses are easily some of the best accessories that show off your personal style, so make sure yours are neatly stored and displayed. This leather watch case with form-fitting watch compartments and one large compartment with a removable pillow ensures your accessorizing game stays strong.

You can’t go wrong with a simple, straightforward, and functional watch box. The glass lid allows for a peep inside while the suede-lined slots add a dash of luxe as well as softness. And it's got enough slots to store the top shelf of your collection.

Further proof that a good watch box can come at a decent price. This one, available in 2 slots and 20 slots (the latter comes with drawers, of course), and constructed from solid wood, fits various watch sizes, and is secured with a magnetic closure and glass cover. Plus, we always admire the attention to detail—like the addition of a quartz movement clock on the wall, which makes the whole thing even more stunning.

This watch case’s look alone deserves the limelight on your dresser or vanity. Made in vintage cork, its elegant form does justice to the watch collection inside. The top is also largely glass for the most unapologetic display. The soft suede lining will take care of your tickers well.

Holme & Hadfield’s design-patented watch box is for the collector who likes to flaunt their timepieces. The holder, with four watch-display pillars and a clear cover, offers a 360-degree view of your arm candy. And that’s not all—there’s a drawer underneath to store more of your favorite keepsakes.

Taking care of your valuable timepieces doesn’t have to cost a fortune. This wooden watch box with a glass cover and latch closure will do the trick.

The Detroit-based lifestyle brand wants you to keep your Shinola watches together in a first-class, hard-wearing oak watch box. The leather top allows for customization, making for a truly special gift for men—even if the personalized present is for you.

The British manufacturer of horological products has been in the business of timekeeping since 1898, so there’s no doubt they know how to keep watches safe and sound. The brand’s handcrafted walnut-wood watch box with a polished finish is well worth the investment. Also available in colors earth and serpentine.

A neatly placed watch box with a permanent spot in your home is certainly charming, but it’s not practical for everyone. If you’re always on the go—and need your collection of watches with you—then an easy-to-pack and durable watch box, like this one by Songmics, will serve you well.

Classics designs are wonderful, but they’re not for everybody. This blue and beige Scatola Del Tempo watch box with a silver clasp closure is made in Italy from full-grain calf leather (interior included). It’s a superior piece that’s also playful.

As we’ve pointed out, it doesn’t matter if you’re a one-watch guy, your lone timepiece still needs to be guarded against potential damage—and this classy, no-fuss watch box will do just that. It’s also handy for anyone looking to take a short trip with a single watch where lugging an entire collection isn’t ideal.

The Bauers have established themselves as American leather experts under their Royce New York label. This watch box, handcrafted from cowhide and boasting a lush suede-lined interior, will keep your family of watches very happy.

Smartwatches and some fitness trackers also warrant adequate—and just as stylish—safekeeping. Designed with two side grooves that allow you to seamlessly charge your devices during storage, OYOBox’s wood and lacquer-finished watch box is as slick as today’s new generation of timekeepers.

The truth is, you technically don’t need a watch box. Just go ahead and toss your tickers in the drawer or the valet tray. We won’t judge. But if you want to properly preserve, and most importantly, display your timepiece collection, a watch box or watch case is essential.

Preservation: Storing your watches in watch boxes will safeguard your treasures from unwanted scratches, wear, and tear by hard surfaces (since the inside of watch boxes is soft) as well as from dust. By extension, watch boxes can preserve the value of your timepieces and overall collection, should you one day want to sell them or pass them down as heirlooms.

Display: Another key function of watch boxes is quite shallow but definitely worth it if you’re a collector—to show off! Watch boxes often have transparent glass lid tops that’ll let you know which is which and at where, and visitors can have a good time looking at them as well. It’s the appealing way to store your watches, basically, and display them for your own entertainment or others’.

Lastly, for seasoned collectors with quite a few watches, watch boxes are truly a must for staying organized on your watch rotation. It’d be unwise to pile them in a drawer and make a mess. You see those pillows in watch boxes, by the way? They’ll keep your timepieces organized and tidied up in a smart, appropriate manner.

Bernd Fischer is a freelance writer based in London covering style for Men’s Health. Before relocating to the United Kingdom, Bernd was a Content Editor at GQ Middle East in Dubai, having previously served in the same role at GQ South Africa in Cape Town. He has written for Paper, The Manual, Mic, Splinter, and the South African editions of Glamour and House & Garden. Bernd is a graduate of Columbia Journalism School in New York.

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