San Diego’s CigarBros Humidors Announces First Climate
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San Diego’s CigarBros Humidors Announces First Climate

Aug 04, 2023

San Diego-based CigarBros Humidors announced it is the founder of the world’s first patented climate controlled humidor with vertically standing cigars.

The company, which launched just last year, said it has a state-of-the-art humidor equipped with top humidity and temperature-controlled technology in order to house premium cigars without sacrificing quality, freshness and retail space. By standing the cigars vertically, CigarBros allows over 500% more selection within the same retail space, solving a major hurdle in the industry.

“After recognizing the need for specialty cigars in more convenient locations, I spent years building and testing prototypes that would allow retailers to carry a wider selection of cigars without compromising their integrity,” said CigarBros Humidors founder and owner Remon Mansour. “When you smoke a cigar from one of our humidors, you experience the cigar’s taste as intended by the maker.”

Mansour said he, and his family, designed the humidor based on his own experience of the cigar industry.

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“We learned from that experience,” Mansour said. “The start of CigarBros was really about the culmination of all the problems we saw with selling cigars, and we sought to fix them.”

The CigarBros Humidor can display up to 72 different skus and a total of 648 air-tight individually tubed and vertically displayed cigars, as opposed to 12 to 15 skus found in same sized traditional humidors. This compact 24-inch wide humidor holds the temperature and relative humidity at a perfect 70 degrees, guaranteeing cigars are at their optimal condition. The humidor is also aesthetically charming.

“The retail side of premium cigars, in many ways, lacks in class and romance that fine cigars deserve,” Mansour said. “To us, a cigar is a symbol of celebration of beautiful moments in our lives. Freshness and selection should never be an issue. When you want a cigar, it should be available and it should be fresh and well-maintained; that is what we do. The industry has a lot to benefit from that.”

CigarBros Humidors is now available at more than 500 locations throughout the U.S., including luxury hotels, casinos and convenient stores. For more information, go to

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