Inside Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's Beverly Hills Home
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Inside Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's Beverly Hills Home

Aug 22, 2023

Published on 8/1/2023 at 6:15 PM

The Barbie Dreamhouse has nothing on Chrissy Teigen and John Legend's Beverly Hills home. The couple recently gave a tour of their multimillion-dollar mansion, designed by Jake Arnold, for Architectural Digest's Open Door series. The house boasts warm earth tones, kid-proof furniture, personalized light fixtures, and minimalist decor that makes it feel cozy and inviting.

"We always wanted to have a home where it would be like an open door for our friends and family."

"We are in the heartbeat of our home," Teigen says as she steps into the kitchen, which features four ovens and a durable countertop, perfect for developing recipes or baking cookies with the kids. "We have Thanksgiving here, Christmas here; we do everything," Legend adds. "We always wanted to have a home where it would be like an open door for our friends and family."

When they're not hosting fun-filled dinner parties, the family often spend time in the cinema room, the piano bar — where Luna takes piano lessons and Legend writes songs — the living room, or the family room. "Just last night, we had about 40 people crammed in here, on the couch, on the floor, pizza all over the table," Teigen says of the family room, decked out in whimsical shades of pink and green. "It makes me so happy to see everybody gathered around one space."

While every inch of the family's home is stunning, their kids' bedrooms absolutely require a double take. "This is beyond anyone's wildest dreams of what their bedroom should look like," Legend says as he stands in Luna's bedroom. Washed in pearlescent shades of white, purple, and pink, the space is like a fairy-tale wonderland come to life. In addition to a canopy ceiling, the room features a ball-pit slide as its centerpiece, as well as a bed swing and loft with a reading nook. Down the hall, Miles's room boasts a safari theme, complete with a Jeep-inspired bunk bed, rock-climbing wall, and hidden "cave" nook.

As their family continues to grow, we imagine Teigen and Legend have even more themed bedroom ideas for their little ones in store. Read ahead to check out the couple's shared walk-in closet, Luna's wild ball pit, and the family's infinity pool — complete with a water slide.

In addition to serving as the "heartbeat" of the home, Teigen and Legend's kitchen is where they host holiday dinners and Teigen develops recipes.

Across from the island, the kitchen features a breakfast nook, complete with a stylish wraparound bench.

In the great room — which encompasses the kitchen, living room, and dining area — the house also features a massive dining table where Teigen hosts Girl Scout troop meetings.

At the center of the great room is an olive tree underneath a skylight. Previously alive, the tree has since been preserved and covered in silk leaves that never wilt. During the holidays, the family decorate the olive tree as a Christmas tree, surrounding it in presents for the festive season.

While some celebrity families use their living rooms as show rooms for guests, Teigen and Legend's family get plenty of mileage out of this inviting space. Between the kids, pets, and guests, the room is constantly living up to its name.

"This is the room where sometimes I'll write music, sometimes Luna will take piano lessons," Legend says of the piano room, which also features an award wall and a wine-glass chandelier etched with the lyrics to his songs. (Yes, Legend's Grammys and Teigen's mac 'n' cheese awards all go on the same shelf.)

The family's home also has a cinema room with plenty of comfy seating for the adults to lounge and the kids to bounce on as they watch movies. The room is also equipped with a hidden snack bar stocked with bags of nacho cheese ready to be warmed.

Perhaps the most stunning room in the house is Luna's bedroom, which includes a winding staircase up to the loft, a slide, a ball pit, a bed swing, and glow-in-the-dark star stickers.

Miles's bedroom boasts a safari theme, which comes through effortlessly thanks to the Jeep-inspired bunk bed with a "Miles" license plate. Next to the bed, there's a rope jungle gym, a rock-climbing wall, a reading cave, and plenty of storage for his stuffed dinosaurs.

In Teigen and Legend's bedroom, the couple have a seating area where Teigen takes her therapy appointments twice a week. The room also features warm earth tones and a table the couple have had since they moved into their first home together.

Beside the bedroom is a large walk-in closet that Legend and Teigen share. It's packed with shoes, accessories, and designer clothes.

The shared en suite bathroom includes two vanities and a large tub where Teigen often takes baths while watching Bravo on the nearby TV.

The powder room is decked out in floor-to-ceiling marble, making the small room feel impossibly expansive. "There's no better place to take a sh*t," Teigen jokes of the space.

In the family room, Teigen and Legend often host TV nights. Whether it's the big game or a finale of their latest reality-TV fixation, the room is usually packed with friends and family.

Outside, the family's backyard features a large entertaining area overlooking Beverly Hills and an infinity pool with a water slide.