A Pool Noodle Will Make It So You're Never Digging Under The Sofa
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A Pool Noodle Will Make It So You're Never Digging Under The Sofa

Jul 11, 2023

At some point, we've all found ourselves on all fours, trying to pull toys, remotes, or other small knick-knacks out from under the sofa. However, a pool noodle might just make that a thing of the past. No, we're not advocating for anyone to stand anxiously at the edge of the couch, waiting to whack away approaching items like a hockey puck. Nor, for that matter, are we suggesting using a noodle to push the debris out from under (though that certainly isn't a bad idea, either). As it turns out, pool noodles are the perfect tools for a host of ingenious DIY hacks, so it's not exactly surprising that when it comes to innovative ways to keep things from rolling under the sofa, the pool toy is just the hero we need.

The best part? Even if you're not the most creatively-minded person, this is the one hack truly anyone can try their hand at. After all, it's simply a case of sliding noodles to block the spaces where anything can get in. Granted, there are some pointers to keep in mind. So, how can we make sure the pool noodle solution works for us — and can it be done in a way that doesn't scream, "I've pushed a lime green pool noodle under my sofa"? Let's take a look.

Of all the pool noodle hacks, this is probably one of the easier ones. However, having the right measurements on hand goes a long way. Start off by measuring the space underneath your couch. Depending on the length of the sofa, you may need to purchase a jumbo noodle. Alternatively, if you'd rather work with what you've got, it's easy enough to use a glue gun to attach several pieces together (don't worry, we'll get to the aesthetics portion in a bit). Again, based on how much space there is under your sofa, you might need to make some alterations to its height before sliding it in. For a piece that sits higher off the ground, DIY YouTuber Sea Lemon suggests doubling up. While she used pipe insulation, the same concept would work with a hollow pool noodle: slice one side down the length to open the noodle up, then place another inside for a bigger barrier.

Once you've got the noodles to the right sizes, start slotting them into all the spaces where things could possibly roll under. If your furniture is in the middle of the room, that would mean the full perimeter of the piece. Alternatively, if your couch is flush against a wall, just cover the open spaces. If you're concerned about keeping things in place with a sofa on stilts, once again, take a leaf out of Sea Lemon's book, and secure with cable ties. Et voila, you've got yourself a barrier.

Let's face it: no one wants to spend time and money on a beautiful interior, only to spot flashes of a lime green pool noodle poking out from under an understated, neutral couch. Even worse is a multi-colored, extra-long noodle, glue-gunned together. Luckily, though, there are ways to get around that.

Obviously, the easiest option would be grabbing a noodle in a color that matches the sofa. However, on the off chance that your local store doesn't stock pool toys in beige or navy, it's time to DIY. The Creek Line House suggests covering the noodle in a fabric the color of the couch. It doesn't need to be the exact same shade or texture, but it goes a long way in keeping things cohesive if anything should be visible. If finding fabric in the right color is too much of a stretch, going for black is also an easy way to fake a base or mimic shadows. That said, if you'd rather avoid the fabric route altogether, it's also possible to spray paint the noodle. Just be aware that some spray paints melt plastics, so opt for a foam-safe formulation. Losing things under the couch is always frustrating, but thanks to a good old pool noodle and creative thinking, it can be a thing of the past.