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What Do Hedgehogs Like to Play With

Jul 14, 2023

What Do Hedgehogs Like to Play With?

Hedgehogs are adorable and fascinating creatures that make great pets. They have unique personalities and can be quite playful once they feel comfortable in their environment. But what exactly do hedgehogs like to play with? In this article, we will explore some of the favorite toys and activities that hedgehogs enjoy, as well as answer some frequently asked questions about their playtime.

1. Toys with textures: Hedgehogs have a keen sense of touch, so toys with different textures can be quite engaging for them. Consider providing them with toys made of soft fabric, rubber, or even textured balls for them to explore.

2. Tunnels: Hedgehogs love to burrow and hide, so tunnels are a perfect addition to their playtime. You can find various sizes and materials, such as plastic or fabric, to give them a sense of adventure and exploration.

3. Puzzle toys: Hedgehogs are intelligent creatures and enjoy solving puzzles. Puzzle toys, such as treat-dispensing balls or interactive toys, can provide mental stimulation and engage their natural foraging instincts.

4. Wheels: Just like hamsters, hedgehogs love to run on wheels. Providing them with a suitable-sized exercise wheel can help them burn off energy and keep them entertained.

5. Balls: Hedgehogs enjoy rolling and pushing small balls around. Opt for balls that are safe for their size and made of materials like plastic or rubber. Avoid balls with holes that they can get stuck in.

6. Toilet paper rolls: One of the simplest and most cost-effective toys for hedgehogs is the humble toilet paper roll. They love to explore and push these rolls around, providing them with hours of entertainment.

7. Scented toys: Hedgehogs have a strong sense of smell and enjoy toys with different scents. Consider providing them with toys infused with safe scents like lavender or chamomile to keep them engaged.

8. Digging boxes: Hedgehogs are natural diggers, and providing them with a designated digging box filled with safe materials like shredded paper or fabric can be incredibly satisfying for them. This activity allows them to mimic their natural behavior.

9. Cat toys: Some hedgehogs enjoy playing with cat toys, such as small plush toys or toys with feathers. Always supervise their playtime with these toys to ensure they don’t swallow any small parts.

FAQs about Hedgehog Playtime:

1. Can I use toys made for other small animals, like hamsters or guinea pigs, for my hedgehog?Yes, as long as the toys are safe and appropriate for their size. Ensure there are no small parts that they can chew or swallow.

2. Are there any toys I should avoid giving to my hedgehog?Yes, avoid toys with small parts, sharp edges, or toxic materials. Always prioritize their safety when choosing toys.

3. How much playtime do hedgehogs need?Hedgehogs are nocturnal animals and are most active during the evening. They should have at least an hour of supervised playtime each night.

4. Can hedgehogs play with other pets?It is not recommended to let hedgehogs play with other pets, as they may not understand each other’s boundaries, leading to potential harm.

5. Can I make homemade toys for my hedgehog?Absolutely! Many DIY hedgehog toys can be made using safe materials like fleece, cardboard, or paper. Just ensure they are free from any harmful substances.

6. Do hedgehogs get bored with their toys?Hedgehogs can get bored with repetitive toys. It’s a good idea to rotate their toys regularly to keep them engaged and prevent boredom.

7. Can I teach my hedgehog tricks?Hedgehogs are intelligent and can be trained to do simple tricks using positive reinforcement techniques. However, it requires patience and consistency.

8. Do hedgehogs need a large play area?Hedgehogs don’t require a large play area, but they should have enough space to explore and exercise. A playpen or a dedicated area in your home can be sufficient.

9. Can I let my hedgehog play outside?While it may be tempting, it is not recommended to let hedgehogs play outside unsupervised. They are vulnerable to predators and can easily escape or injure themselves.

In conclusion, hedgehogs are playful animals that enjoy a variety of toys and activities. By providing them with safe and stimulating toys, you can keep them entertained and happy. Remember to always prioritize their safety and monitor their playtime to ensure a fun and enjoyable experience for both you and your hedgehog.