How to make 5 different cat toys at home
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How to make 5 different cat toys at home

Jul 15, 2023

Cats love to be entertained. And toys are a terrific way for pet cats to let out some energy and practice their natural hunting abilities, whether it's a jingle ball they like to kick around the house or a crinkly plush animal. As pet toys are expensive, here's how you can improvise and prepare entertainment for your cats without spending too much.

Lay a T-shirt on the table. Starting from the bottom edge, draw six skinny rectangles. Cut the rectangles out until you have six long strips of fabric. Stack all these strips together and tie them together with a single knot at the center. Toss to your cat and let them play with it. Make as many of these as you can.

Grab an old pair of socks. Stuff it with random things you find such as paper and scrap fabric. Experiment with different types of stuffing to see what your cat likes best. Once you're done stuffing, ensure you have kept enough room to tie a simple knot at the base of the stuffed area. And your DIY fishy is ready for your cat.

Created with a skyscraper aesthetic, this cardboard "catscraper" beckons your feline baby to sharpen its claws or leap with enthusiasm. Firstly build a sturdy base with a dowel driller through the center of the cardboard. Stack the cut cardboard pieces, on top of each other to achieve the desired shape of a skyscraper. Leave the rest to the whims of your curious kitty.

It's a matter of creating a toy out of two things cats love: toilet paper rolls and boxes. For this, take a large cardboard box. On the inside place an egg carton, some balls, and toilet paper rolls to create what appears to be a cat pinball machine. You can glue these to the box and add more items to make it interesting.

Using templates as references, carefully cut out two feathers from medium-weight wool felt—one large and one small in size. Attach a jump ring to a jingle bell and thread one end of a yard-long satin cord through it. Secure feather stems to the cord near the bell, knotting both ends to prevent fraying. Attach this to a stick and play with your cat.