Woman Gives Vintage Furniture a White and Wood Accent Makeover
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Woman Gives Vintage Furniture a White and Wood Accent Makeover

Nov 05, 2023

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When it comes to flipping furniture, the right color and design decisions can go a long way. Sometimes, you need to try something new and unique if you want to truly fall in love with the piece you're working on. That's how the best pieces are made, after all, and you'll remember the more unique ones the most after you sell them off -- or while you're thinking of them fondly after handing them off to a friend or family member.

In flipping expert and Instagrammer @furnitureflippingteacher's case, she took an entire furniture set and put her special touch on it.

"I originally sourced this beautiful set for myself to keep in my house but after coming across a better set WITH nightstands, I couldn’t pass it up!" she wrote.

She showed off the vintage dresser she decided to alter to her liking, and she gave it the most interesting facelift she's had in her history of furniture flipping. With some white paint and some strategic wooden accents, she took a vintage dresser and turned it into a modern piece with white trim and wooden accents.

The way the designs on each cabinet were curved inward with a fun narrow design made the dresser look like the star of the entire set. And it was a bold move not to paint the whole thing, which really paid off in the end. If you have something like this in the future that needs a new lease on life, this is definitely a makeover you need to try on your own.

It's an absolutely fantastic project that we could all learn from when we make previously loved furniture ours. And who can resist those fun little bright pops of white?

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