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This Year's Best Halloween Decor Cool Gadgets

Dec 07, 2023

Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year. But, really, it’s my favorite season, because Halloween isn’t just a holiday. It’s the main event at the end of Spooky Season. And because it’s such a huge deal in my household, I’m always on the lookout for the coolest, best Halloween decor. And I’m looking for the sort of decor that doesn’t just look like something you’d put up for a Halloween party but the sort of decor that you want to keep up in your house for the entire Spooky Season! This list is chock full of some of my go-to favorites, some new finds, and all sorts of pieces in-between.

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Spice up your space with something a little more punk rock! These skeleton prints bring an element of spooky fun to your Halloween house. They come in two different sizes and are perfect for adding to a gallery wall or making a bold Halloween statement!

A string of lights that look like fun witch hats is just what the Witch Doctor ordered. You can control them with the handy remote provided and can even put them on a timer and dim the light levels. Put them around the house, or even string them up in the trees.

There’s nothing spookier than wasting energy! Luckily, these gorgeous string lights are solar-powered, so you can enjoy fun and exciting lighting without having to keep things plugged in. The purple and orange colors bring the Halloween vibes from the house straight into the front yard.

I’m always looking for Halloween decorations that I can keep up year-round, and this set of gallery wall prints is my favorite I’ve found so far! They’re more mystical than they are straight-up Halloween, but they’re perfect for any time of year, especially the Spookiest of Seasons.

Spiders are one of the coolest Spooky Season symbols, and this giant (literally fifty-nine feet!) spider is the perfect addition to your front yard if you’re looking for something a little scary but not super intimidating. You’ve got to toe the line between scary and scaring away Trick-or-Treaters.

It might seem silly to have a favorite Halloween cup, but I do, and these are them! They’re the cup shape that TikTok can’t stop raving about, but even cuter. The adorable ghosts on the outside in their fun pink colors just make you smile when you see them!

Figuratively and literally! These sticky decals can really be put anywhere in your house, but I think they look the most fun inside your bathroom. They just look so good up against the stark white walls and tile in there. Plus, they’ll scare the crap out of anyone that walks in!

I don’t know about you, but throughout Spooky Season, “I always feel like somebody’s watching me.” This set of glowing eyes is a fun way to be sure you’ve got an eye everywhere, on everything. This set of three is perfect for putting up all over the house this Halloween.

Nothing screams Halloween more than a witch hat. And the only thing that’s more classic than a witch hat is a Halloween illusion. Fortunately, this set marries both! They’re fun witch hats and a fun illusion that’s going to awe and amaze everyone who walks into your home this Halloween.

Use this fun little skeletal dragon to show the street just how spooky you are! It’s fun and bright and spooky without scaring the neighborhood kids away from your door on Halloween night. And if you’re anything like me, you just might leave this dragon up year-round…

Do these remind you of anything? Perhaps of any magical castle that houses a school? They’re an incredible illusion that all of your guests at this year’s Halloween party are going to be amazed by. Turn your space into something magical with these unbelievable floating candles.

Go ahead, rest those old bones. And, if you can’t because Halloween party prep is just too crazy, then at least let this candle do it for you! This spooky, scary skeleton is a fun way to remind your guests that you’re always looking to the small details.

Show off your undying love for the quintessential Halloween movie, Hocus Pocus, and the leading ladies of the hit, the Sanderson Sisters. This garden flag reminds folks that witches live here and turns your outdoor spaces into a Halloween-themed dream.

At your next party, display all of your favorite snacks in the cutest way possible. These mini cauldrons and the included rack provide you with the perfect space for dips, sauces, and snacks. It brings the spooky Halloween theme to every aspect of the party.

You don’t have to go over the top to get the point across! These pom pom garlands are a beautiful and easy way to add a little bit of Halloween fun without going all out. It’s a great little subtle Halloween decoration for a kid’s party or a Martha Stewart-themed event.

You can get everything in the house involved with the Halloween theme, even the throw pillows! Grab a set of covers that doesn’t just embrace Halloween. It makes Halloween the focus. You can’t not love these Hocus Pocus-themed throw pillow covers. They put a smile on my face every time I see them.

It’s not enough to put a little bit of work into your Halloween decoration. You’ve got to go all the way! Decorate absolutely everything in your home to fit the theme and create the sort of space the Spooky Season calls for, and use this spider web table runner to do just that.

I’m a little nuts about Halloween, and I like to get everything I possibly can involved in the Halloween decorating, and that includes the light bulbs! These bulbs create that fun, flickering flame illusion that’s going to take your Halloween decor from good to unbelievable.

Faux candles are always a yes for me! They’re a super easy way to add some fun, ambient lighting to your space without worrying about an open flame. These Jack-O-Lantern faux candles are my current favorite Halloween items because I can actually get away with putting them up before Spooky Season even starts!

Wooden decorations are some of my favorites because of the little ones I’ve got in my house. And my cats. Because cats love breaking anything fragile that kids can’t get to. These wooden ghosties are such a great, fun addition to your current Halloween setup.

There’s something about the vintage Halloween decor that just warms my spooky heart. They remind me of all the reasons Halloween is so fun – just good, old-fashioned spookiness that everyone can enjoy. And these throw pillow covers are the easiest, and coziest, way to bring the vintage style into my house.

You don’t want to miss out on these amazing faux candles this Halloween! They’re the perfect way to ring in the Spooky Season. They’re dark, they’re spooky, and they bring in some gorgeous depth and ambiance with the black exterior and the fun, flickering lights.

You can now bring home Winnie Sanderson’s best friend, her trusty Book. This grimoire has been crafted to look just like the famous Book from Hocus Pocus, and the best part is that you can actually open it up and write inside it, spells or your thoughts or a mix of both!

Show everyone just how spooky you’re willing to go with these spooky, framed portraits. They make a great addition to the decor you already have and, honestly, you can keep these up year-round if you love showing off the spooky things all the time like me.

I love any opportunity to add some spooky lighting to my home, and these candles are one of my current favorites! As you’ve already realized, I love faux candles, and because these look both spooky and like they came straight from a Poe story, I keep them in my office all the time.

Okay, no one wants to really scare the neighborhood kids, but you can definitely give them a little fun shock with this animated Halloween witch. She’s sound-activated with glowing red eyes and some creepy little sayings to add to the overall spookiness of your home this Halloween.

Sometimes, it’s nice to just add Halloween into the everyday parts of your home. This beautiful skull can be used as a makeup brush holder, a toothbrush holder, or even a pencil holder! It’s a super easy way to bring the Halloween decor into every corner of the house.

This broom isn’t actually magic, but it just might convince your guests that it is! It automatically moves all around your house, giving the appearance of magically moving tools in your home. For just a moment, you can pretend you’ve got magical powers that make everything in your home work for you.

Halloween decorations don’t have to be over the top! They can just be like this beautiful suncatcher – a subtle nod to your favorite time of year. It’s a beautiful, ornamental piece for your house that you’re going to want to show off to everyone who comes over!

This little guy is the least spooky but still spooky bit of decor you can get for your home. He comes out of the ground, almost like he’s coming from beyond the grave, to bite the ankles of your Halloween party guests or your Trick-or-Treaters.

Don’t worry! We remembered to add a few things on this list for kiddos. I don’t know a kid that doesn’t love window clings. They’re decorations that kids can put up on their own, and they’re spooky without being scary. It’s the perfect kid’s decoration!

Sometimes, you want something that says “Halloween” without screaming it, and that’s why I love this orange and black checkered table runner. It’s not too dramatic, but it still brings in the quintessential Halloween colors, so everyone knows all of your decorating choices were super intentional.

There’s something about pretty garlands that really just scream “Martha Stewart” to me, and these fun garlands bring together the Martha of it all and the Halloween vibes you’re looking for. They would be especially perfect for decorating for a little kid’s Halloween party!

You can’t have Halloween without skeletons! These spooky, scary dudes are the perfect addition to your home for Halloween decor. You can hang them up around the house or pose them on coffee tables and dining room tables. Or you can do what my family does – move them all over the house to scare each other.

Ghosts are one of my favorite things to decorate with. They’re just fun and they always put a smile on my face. This throw pillow cover embraces that ghoulish spirit and splashes it across my couch in a fun, cozy way that I love to see!

What’s more Halloween than Frankenstein and the Bride of Frankenstein? They’re essential figures for the classic monsters, which is why I proudly display these prints in my hallway before, during, and after Halloween. It’s a nod to the classics in the most fun way possible!

Display your favorite Halloween lyrics or your favorite spooky movie quote, or go with a classic countdown to Halloween. This coffin-shaped board is a Pinterest-perfect way to show your Spooky Season pride for the world, and your guests, to see.

You’re going to have to fight the kiddos to keep ahold of this throw blanket. It’s a glow-in-the-dark bit of magic that just screams “Halloween fun” and one that the kids are obsessed with. It adds a little bit of that Spooky Season fun and coziness to your space.

It sounds a little creepy, but I promise it’s fun! Sipping from these skull mason jar cups (with included straws) is such a cute little bit of Halloween that you can bring around with you anywhere, so you’ve always got the Spooky Season on your mind.