The Stylish Home Decor Trend You'll Want To Embrace In Your Own Space
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The Stylish Home Decor Trend You'll Want To Embrace In Your Own Space

Mar 25, 2024

Decorating with mirrors can bring a cool and contemporary edge to your space, and one of the most stylish design trends is blob mirrors. Exactly what it sounds like, a blob mirror is a mirror that resembles a blob due to its abstract shape. It can be big, small, wide, long — pretty much any shape as long as it doesn't get too close to resembling a typical mirror shape like a square or rectangle.

A unique design statement in their own way, blob mirrors can feel more intimidating to style than regular mirrors because of their atypical dimensions. However, as design expert Kathy Kuo told Forbes, "Just as the parameters of a blob mirror are fluid, so are the so-called 'rules' for incorporating one into your home." Of course, this is easier said than done. If you love the idea of incorporating a blob mirror into your home décor but feel unsure of where to start, we've got a few tips for you so that you can get inspired.

The easiest way to style a blob mirror is to make it a focal point. If a room is looking a little bare, adding a blob mirror is a good way to stop the space from looking dull while keeping with a minimalist aesthetic. As for the room you should place your blob mirror in, one of the best spots to install a mirror is in a bathroom. Day to day, most people use the bathroom mirror to get ready, but by switching out a regular mirror for a blob mirror, your bathroom will appear far more visually interesting.

Additionally, size and scale are key when picking out the right blob mirror for a space. "Make sure the size of your blob mirror complements the size of your space," interior designer Annaliese Kehoe told Forbes. "A too-small mirror might get lost on a large wall, while a too-large mirror might overpower a small room." Basically, if you have a small hallway, don't go for an ultra-large mirror. Your intentions may be good, but it just won't look right, and the same goes for a small mirror on a large wall. Blob mirrors may have no real shape, but proportions are still important to get the best finished look. Above all, remember that blob mirrors are artistic, so don't be afraid to think outside of the box when it comes to styling.