The 11 Best Travel Jewelry Cases of 2023, Tested and Reviewed
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The 11 Best Travel Jewelry Cases of 2023, Tested and Reviewed

Jun 26, 2023

Guaranteed to make it through that airplane turbulence.

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We’re going to go on a whim here and say, you didn’t spend a good chunk of your paycheck on your jewelry collection just to have it wrestle and tangle in your suitcase — you want to look glitzed and glammed in Italy, not asymmetrical with mismatched earrings due to one getting squashed under the blow dryer. But these mishappenings can easily be avoided if you properly store your accessories in a jewelry travel case.

Before your thoughts trail into worrying about your luggage space (or lack thereof), let us reassure you that out of the 25 jewelry cases we tested, we found plenty of options that took up minimal space — some were even small enough to fit into our purses and carry-ons. As a matter of fact, we found a diverse assortment of jewelry travel case shapes and sizes — ones that rolled, ones that folded like a book, and ones that looked like boxes. So whatever the occasion (or size of the suitcase), we ensure you that there is a jewelry travel case for you. We found the most practical and durable travel cases that not only protected even the daintiest fine jewelry pieces but fit into our luggage no-problemo.


What We Love: It’s so small we could fit it into a purse and carry around everywhere.

What We Don’t Love: Necklaces can get tangled inside the provided pouch.

We selected this Cuyana travel jewelry case as our best overall option, not because of any fancy or unique compartments, but because of its versatility. Everyone will find something to like about it, thanks to its compact size (it’s barely bigger than the palm of our hand), minimalist design, and easy storage. At first, we wondered how such a small item could possibly fit all of our jewelry, but upon placing our rings and necklaces inside their designated slots, we were stunned to see it miraculously (and easily) fit — the interior design maximizes every inch, never wasting any space. In total, we were able to transport nine rings, one bracelet, three necklaces, and five earring sets. On both sides of the interior, we found two pouches fit for our necklaces. On one side we looped our rings into the provided row, and on the other, we hooked our earrings in. We did find that while our rings and earrings were perfectly secure, our necklaces got a little tangled inside the pouch. It’s also impossible to fit any chunky jewelry, so this is distinctly for dainty little everyday pieces.

But unless you’re a serious jewelry enthusiast and need to have dozens of pieces to choose from at all times, you won’t need a bigger case than this — trust us, you’ll be able to bring all your favorites on your one-week trip to Paris. Since it’s the size of a wallet, it fit into any normal-sized purse easily, when the suitcase is stuffed to the brim.

Price at time of publish: $98

Material: Leather | Compartments: Rings, necklaces, earrings | Colors: 7 | Size: 3.5” L x 5” W x 1.25” H


What We Love: There’s a compartment for everything, and none of it gets tangled.

What We Don’t Love: The earring card can’t hold any hoops, so those need to be placed in the pouches.

Just because the case was affordable, doesn’t mean your jewelry needs to match that price range — you can easily store expensive pieces here and rest easy that they will feel protected. jewelry it protects needs to be. Color us impressed, this bag fit all of the accessories we owned and still laid completely flat. We loved how the zipper went all the way around, allowing us to open the pouch like a book and get a full view of our prized jewelry. We adored the little purse handle on this bag. It was easy to carry it from room to room on our pinky along with the other million things we transported. As a matter of fact, it carried everything so well and organized that we continued to use it even at home.

There were also compartments for absolutely everything — hooks for necklaces (and an accompanying strap to keep any pendants flat against the bag), bands for rings, a panel to clip in earrings, and two zippered pouches for any other miscellaneous items. Our only complaint was that the earring panel only really worked for studs. Hoops needed to be placed in the pouch, but thanks to their hard nature they didn’t get tangled with each other. During our throw test (yes, we flung this thing around like it was a push-up bra after a long day’s wear), all of our jewelry pieces maintained relatively well put. It did look like it went through some turbulence, which honestly, was to be expected with a $20 bag, but nothing inside tangled.

Price at time of publish: $20

Material: Polyester | Compartments: Earrings, rings, necklaces, bracelets | Colors: 10 | Size: 9.8'' L x 6.1'' W x 1.9'' H


What We Love: You can add a custom engravement.

What We Don’t Love: It’s quite large and chunky, so it takes up a lot of luggage space.

Fine jewelry might require a little more TLC during travel, in which case something with a sturdy hard cover, such as this piece from Paravel, is ideal. No amount of tossing and dumping caused any scratches on the exterior of the case, which is made of ecocraft canvas that’s spill-proof and stain-repellent. Leather details throughout the case also add a touch of elegance and durability. In true Paravel fashion, there’s the option to add a personalized engravement as well.

We were a little surprised to see how large this jewelry case was. The main compartment, made up of a removable pouch, was big enough for us to drop larger items like chunky bracelets and watches — a perk typically missing in jewelry boxes that cater to small dainty pieces. There were also pockets lining the interior of the pouch where we could separate our necklaces and keep them from getting tangled.

The whole case does take up a good amount of space in our luggage, though, so we prefer using it in checked bags rather than carry-ons. At ten ounces, it’s about the weight of two shirts as well. As an alternative, we could remove the main (soft) pouch and simply use it on its own, but we would miss out on the protective hard shell and the ring and earring holders attached to the box, where we carried ten rings and three sets of studs.

Price at time of publish: $135

Material: Recycled plastic bottles | Compartments: Bracelets, rings, earrings | Colors: 2 | Size: 3.6" H x 5.6" D


What We Love: There are further pockets inside the big drawstring pouch.

What We Don’t Love: It’s very large, so it takes up a lot of luggage space.

This Calpak Jewelry Case is for anyone with a lot of jewelry to carry. From small and dainty to big and chunky, it carries it all, which is why it is also a favorite of Libby Rasmussen, social media director at luxury hotel Yours Truly DC. “The case has dedicated compartments for rings, bracelets, watches, and earrings, as well as a dust bag for an added extra layer of protection against dust and damage.” The case is fairly large, so you’ll definitely want to reserve it for longer trips and checked luggage, but at least you don’t have to bring all your jewelry in two separate cases. There are four clipped hooks where we looped in our necklaces before letting them dangle into the pouch beneath them. We kept our rings in the clipped bar right next to it. During our toss test, the ring clip did undo itself unfortunately, but nothing broke or tangled.

The main compartment features a large drawstring pouch, with little side pockets inside as well. We kept our dangly bracelets in them and any other larger accessories. Lastly, a 28-hole earring card came with the pouch, which was more than enough to carry all of our favorite earrings. All in all, it’s the jewelry case we’d turn to for big trips and lots of outfits. There’s nothing this jewelry case can’t carry.

Price at time of publish: $83

Material: Faux leather, polyester | Compartments: Rings, earrings, necklace, bracelets, watches | Colors: 10 | Size: 7” L x 5” W x 2.5” H

Mark & Graham

What We Love: There is a little mirror inside the case.

What We Don’t Love: It’s too small to carry any chunky pieces.

We love any excuse to personalize our belongings. For an additional $13, this jewelry case allows you to add a printed monogram (either written out name or initials), as well as choose from 28 different colors and patterns. The likelihood that someone would have the exact same jewelry case, therefore, is very minimal.

The hard-case box is made of vegan leather, for those of you against using animal products, and it’s small enough to fit in any carry-on luggage. But it’s almost too small to pack any chunky jewelry. (You’ll have to leave any big watches or costume necklaces at home.) However, if your collection mainly consists of dainty little chains and rings, then you’ll find it has more than enough space. As someone whose main accessory is rings, this box offered more than enough slots for all our pieces. There were also three hooks for necklaces, as well as a little pouch to hold the dangling pendants in place. In the four open compartments, we kept our earrings and hoops. Thanks to the attached mirror, it was easy (and fun) to put all our earrings on.

Price at time of publish: $69

Material: Vegan leather | Compartments: Rings, necklaces, earrings | Colors: 28 | Size: 4.5” L x 4.5" W x 2.25" H

Kendra Scott

What We Love: It’s not time consuming to organize our pieces, and the provided pouch allows us to bring our jewelry on shorter trips as well.

What We Don’t Love: There are no hooks for necklaces.

As much as we love having a plethora of compartments, can we all agree it takes ages to organize everything? That’s where this Kendra Scott jewelry case comes in — it’s great for anyone who likes to throw everything together last minute. With nine ring slots, it had just the right amount of space with room to spare for additional hoops. The surrounding four open boxes allowed us to drop in our studs and bracelets, too, while a flat pouch laid on top. Because the eight-inch box is on the larger side, we removed the included pouch and dropped in our earrings for shorter trips with less luggage.

The jewelry case does not have any hooks or sacks for necklaces, so it’s not ideal for separating delicate chains, although we didn’t notice any tangling during use. We were, on the other hand, able to fit all of our earrings — from hoops to studs to chunky statement pieces. When we threw this jewelry case around, we found that the cushioned interior did a fantastic job at protecting all our precious jewelry. The exterior, however, is made of polyurethane designed to look leathery, which did end up picking up some scuff marks during the tumble.

Price at time of publish: $98

Material: Polyurethane, polyester | Compartments: Earrings, rings | Colors: 3 | Size: 8" L x 5.5" W x 2.5" H

Pottery Barn

What We Love: Despite its slim nature, it’s extremely sturdy and protective.

What We Don’t Love: We wish there were a few more hooks for necklaces.

The hardest jewelry to travel with might just be necklaces. Thanks to this binder’s slim yet long nature that opens up like a booklet, it became ideal for necklaces — they didn’t need to be bunched up in a tiny compartment box or left loose at the bottom of a bag. Instead, we could easily hook them in the four loops, and protect any pendants in the pouch at the bottom of the binder. Would we have liked more hooks? Sure, but any remaining necklaces with less delicate chains were gently placed in the four zipped compartments on the flap in the middle of the case. We also stored some additional bracelets and chunky earrings in them. On the left side of the booklet, there was one long rod fit for hooks and rings, and another long band for studs.

We mostly loved how slim this case was, taking up far less space in our suitcases. Thanks to its sturdy hardcover, everything in the interior was properly protected when we, get this, stepped on and kicked it. We feel confident that nothing could get broken while in the safe protection of this case.

Price at time of publish: $99

Material: Leather, polyester | Compartments: Necklace, rings, earrings, bracelets | Colors: 4 | Size: 8.75" L x 5.25" W x 1.25" H


What We Love: You can fit a ton of pieces without taking up too much luggage space.

What We Don’t Love: There’s no hard cover on the exterior, so perhaps it’s not the option for dainty fine jewelry.

If you plan to take nearly your entire jewelry wardrobe with you yet have limited luggage space, you need an organizer roll. We were impressed with how much this jewelry travel case could hold; There seemed to be a compartment for absolutely everything — a zippered pocket for watches, rods for rings and hoops, a compartment for studs, multiple pouches for bracelets or chunkier accessories, and hooks for necklaces with accompanying sockets for pendants. Nothing — and we do mean nothing — needed to be left behind on our trip. Thanks to its small size and albeit, flimsy exterior, it takes up minimal space in our luggage. The lack of hardcover naturally makes it less protective than other options, but we could rely on cushioning it in between shirts and pants to keep anything from breaking. And because of all the designated slots, nothing ever got tangled, even when we shook the pouch pretty rigorously. For $20, that’s pretty impressive, if you ask us.

Price at time of publish: $20

Material: Cotton | Compartments: Rings, necklaces, watches, studs, bracelets | Colors: 9 | Size: 9” L x 5.9” W x 0.59” H


What We Love: The mirror in the middle also works as a protective divider.

What We Don’t Love: It’s not big enough for chunky jewelry or a wrist watch.

With multiple piercings, it can be difficult to put your earrings in the exact hole you want without a mirror — we’re definitely guilty of that. In order to streamline your bejewelment session (which by the way, can feel as therapeutic as a skincare routine), we recommend having a little mirror included in your case, because let’s be real, being on the road means not always having easy access to a reflection. The mirror in the middle also worked as a divider to further keep any pieces from tangling. We were able to fit four small earrings, three dainty necklaces, and seven rings in the provided boxes, hooks, and slits. Unfortunately, it’s not big enough to carry any large costume jewelry or wristwatches, but it was perfect for fine jewelry and short trips.

We adored how elegant this stitched leather box felt; the hard case with a leather suede interior amply protected everything inside. Tossing the box around did almost nothing to what was inside — just a little shaken up jewelry that did not cause any chaotic damage.

Price at time of publish: $115

Material: Leather | Compartments: Rings, earrings, necklaces | Colors: 3 | Size: 4.5" L x 4.5" W x 2" H


What We Love: Despite the small size, you can pack a lot of jewelry and customize to your needs.

What We Don’t Love: The mirror gets scratched from the jewelry.

Tiny, but mighty, this Vee travel case leaves no space unused. To begin, there’s a mirror on the inside that flaps forward and stands upright for easy access. Around the framing of the mirror were holes for us to store away studs. Then in the main compartment, we found seven slits for rings on the right and an opening with — get this — removable dividers for us to customize how much space and how many compartments we wanted on the left. This made it easy for us to fit even our chunkier pieces. When we wanted to store away our dainty pieces, we placed the suede dividers in again. At the back of the clamshell opening box, three hooks to keep our necklaces separated were found. For something less than four inches wide, it packed a lot of accessories, with options to customize to your needs.

The only con? There’s nothing that separates the mirror from the jewelry when it’s closed. We worry it could get scratched or even broken during the trip.

Price at time of publish: $13

Material: Vegan leather | Compartments: Rings, necklaces, studs | Colors: 3 | Size: 3.94" L x 3.94" W x 1.97" H


What We Love: It’s small enough to fit in a purse, and quality enough to protect fine jewelry.

What We Don’t Love: You can’t fit a ton in there.

This jewelry organizer is like a wallet for accessories, fit for purses or small weekenders. We appreciate the pebbled leather that was sturdy and tough against any distressors. We loved how compact, portable, and easy it was to carry around our prized possessions – keyword: prized, as it’s too small to fit any clunky costume jewelry. Think of this for your top favorite fine jewelry pieces, the ones you want to keep separate from the more affordable everyday jewelry.

At most, we fit three rings, two pairs of earrings, two dainty necklaces, and a few slinky bracelets and tiny accessories in the middle pouch. The microsuede interior created a safe space for all our luxury pieces from getting scratched. All around, the ergonomics and materials felt superior and exceptional. Buttons were easy to snap and didn’t come undone under any circumstances. This is truly the most ideal jewelry case for fine diamonds or weekend getaways because we felt confident that the tough outer will keep our valuables safe.

Price at time of publish: $90

Material: Leather | Compartments: Necklaces, rings, earrings | Colors: 5 | Size: 1” L x 4.25” W x 4.5” H

Vlando Viaggio Small Jewelry Case Box: We had to include this option for its extremely unique build. The cylindrical jewelry case opens up in a cool spiral staircase format, with three little bucket compartments for jewelry. Is it very practical in the sense that you can compartmentalize rings from necklaces to earrings? No, you simply have to dump it all together in the three boxes. But, did it make us feel like a Hollywood star with our jewelry on a cool display? Absolutely. When not in use, the case can be rolled up and packed for easy transportation. While we don’t think it’s the best option for fine jewelry, it certainly is great for costume accessories.

Rellery Jet Set Case Rouge Red: The wallet format of this jewelry makes it easy to squeeze into luggage. We found the exterior to be properly thick and sturdy, so we weren’t surprised when the pieces remained protected during our throw test. Considering it's made of vegan leather, it looks very luxurious and well-constructed. However, it only fit a handful of items before it became too bulky. With the rings and necklaces stacked on top of each other while closed, the whole case became rounded out, which we simply didn’t love.

In order to find the best jewelry travel cases, we pulled 25 of the most popular and well-rated jewelry cases and brought them into our testing lab. From there, our team of beauty experts were given three necklaces, four sets of earrings, three rings, two bracelets, and a watch to fill the cases. We then observed whether there was any space available for more jewelry, and took note of how easy it was to pack everything. Once the case was closed, we tossed the case in the air and onto the ground, and checked for any exterior damage. Upon opening the case, we checked on the state of our jewelry — whether things were broken, disorganized, or fell out of place. Only those that remained sturdy and effective made it onto this list.

Material plays an important role in keeping your valuables safe. For the interior, Carolyn Addison, head of product at luxury travel agency Black Tomato, says to pick jewelry cases with “anti-tarnish technology or tarnish-resistant fabric, like velvet or suede, as they help to protect your silver and golds from oxidation and discoloration.” On top of ensuring that your jewelry won’t tarnish, suede and velvet are “also known for their durability, making them withstand frequent opening and closing without losing their softness and causing damage to the jewelry.” Plenty of options here, like the Cuyana Travel Jewelry Case and the Kendra Scott Medium Travel Jewelry Case use suede in the interior.

The exterior material is less vital to the safety of the jewelry and comes down to preference. Addison recommends “materials, like leather, or hard-shell plastic, to withstand the wear and tear of regular travel,” like the WOLF Caroline Travel Jewelry Case. However, it’s not always the most compact option. Those who want something vegan will likely prefer the Mark & Graham Small Travel Jewelry Case.

Remember that this jewelry case will need to be packed, so consider how much precious space you’re willing to give up for your jewelry. Janie Marshall, head of brand at fine jewelry brand Clean Origin explains that “a good travel case strikes a balance between being compact enough to fit easily into a bag, yet spacious enough to accommodate various pieces.” Typically, the larger the case the more you can fit, but that also means you’ll have to sacrifice more luggage space. If you’re off on a long trip and packing a checked bag, then go ahead and opt for something more robust (you know how those suitcases get handled during transit) — think BAGSMART Jewelry Organizer Bag or Calpak Jewelry Case. If you’re off to a weekend getaway, picking a smaller case will work just fine. The Vee Small Travel Jewelry Case and the WOLF Caroline Travel Jewelry Case will safely carry your favorite dainty pieces while fitting in a purse or a carry-on.

Remember that not all come with a hard shell. While this makes them less protective, they do carry more items at once and take up less luggage space. Anything that doesn’t require special handling will do just fine with such options. Consider the BAGSMART Travel Jewelry Organizer Roll, for example.

Are you more of an earring person or a necklace person? Do you prefer big and bold or delicate and dainty? Would you consider yourself a budget-find person or are your pieces well in their thousands? These are all things you’ll want to consider before committing to a jewelry case. Anyone hoping to transport their long necklaces (the jewelry most likely to tangle) should consider a case that has hooks for their necklaces and pouches for the pendants to rest in. Calpak Jewelry Case, Mark & Graham Small Travel Jewelry Case, and Pottery Barn Mckenna Personalized Jewelry Binder all have such spaces. If you’re sporting fine jewelry well in the thousands, you need extra protection to ensure nothing gets broken or tangled. Marshall stresses “the importance of a case that provides secure closures, like zippers or clasps, to ensure jewelry stays in place during travel.” We found that the Paravel Jewelry Case and Mark & Graham Small Travel Jewelry Case did a fantastic job at protecting everything that’s inside, no matter how roughly we handled it.

The question of how many truly depends on how much jewelry you own or hope to bring on your trip. In general, a travel jewelry case should have a spot for necklaces, rings, studs, hoops, watches, and a section for miscellaneous items. Rasmussen, for example, loves the Calpak Jewelry Case specifically for the large pouch big enough to carry watches and other chunky jewelry. If you have a lot of necklaces, look for hooks that lead into sockets that properly separate dainty chain from dainty chain. (The Pottery Barn Mckenna Personalized Jewelry Binder is a perfect example of this.) Addison wants you to consider “cases that have removable pouches or rolls for added flexibility,” like the Paravel Jewelry Case.

Yes, fine jewelry needs to be treated a little differently than everyday jewelry. The good news is that fine jewelry tends to be smaller in size, so you don’t need a chunky case that takes up far too much luggage space. Addison stresses the importance of proper closures “such as zippers to prevent accidental openings and potential loss or damage.” As for the interior, softness is key, says Marshall. “I suggest a velvety or silk satin lining, which maintains the luster and quality of fine jewelry, ensuring it remains in pristine condition while in transit.” Instead of jewelry cases with large openings or zippered pouches for miscellaneous items, look for a case that has very clear dedicated spaces for every single one of your pieces.

Bianca Kratky is a commerce writer at InStyle with nearly three years of experience covering fashion and beauty. In order to write this story, she dove deep into the insights provided by the testers, as well as speaking with them one on one for further clarification on the specifications of their jewelry travel cases. She then enlisted the help of Carolyn Addison, head of product at Black Tomato, Libby Rasmussen, Social Media Director at Yours Truly DC, and Janie Marshall Head of Brand, Clean Origin to for professional advice on what to look for in a jewelry case.

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