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Pokemon GO: Should You Purchase Voyager Box?

Aug 10, 2023

The Shop in Pokemon GO features Limited Time Only items, and one of these is the expensive Voyager Box.

Pokemon GO's in-game shop has a variety of items that trainers can purchase with PokeCoins. While it's likely that Potions, Revives, and Poke Balls will be stocked up via spinning PokeStops/Gyms, some features are shop-exclusive. Furthermore, there are gift boxes in the "Limited Time Only!" section that often contain more than one type of item.

The Voyager Boxes are the most expensive boxes in Pokemon GO, but they come packing with useful items. Because of their high cost, it's likely that trainers may want to forgo them and buy items individually. However, if they have PokeCoins to spare, then it may be worth the investment.

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Accessing the Shop in Pokemon GO is very easy. All players need to do is:

The "Limited Time Only!" section will be displayed first followed by Styles, which are accessories/clothing for the avatar character that coincide with any in-game event. Most of the boxes under "Limited Time Only!" will be shuffled out as the weeks go by. During Halloween or Christmas, there will be holiday-themed "Limited Time Only!" boxes, so if players want to grab them, they should start saving up their PokeCoins.

Priced at 1750 PokeCoins, the Voyager Box is not for everyone. Despite the high price, it contains items that will no doubt prove their use:

There's another type of Voyager Box that can appear, too. The wrapping on this one isn't styled after an Ultra Ball and instead has stamps on its front. This one is cheaper (1485 PokeCoins), but the contents are different:

Ultra Balls have a higher catch rate than a Great Ball, and they're best used when catching Pokemon with high CP, or Pokemon that have a high Flee Rate (e.x, Wimpod). Once players reach level 20, they'll hav a low chance of getting an Ultra Ball from spinning PokeStop/Gym discs.

In Pokemon GO, players only receive one Egg Incubator that doesn't break after use. Since Pokemon Eggs are obtained each time a disc is spun (as long as players have room in storage), it's very easy to run out of Incubators to hatch Eggs. Trainers can hold up to 9 Eggs and 3 Strange Eggs. These are categorized by how long they take to hatch: 2km, 5km, 7km, 10km, 12km.

Both the Egg Incubators (blue) and the Super Incubators break after three uses. A Pokemon Egg placed in a regular Egg Incubator will take the same amount of time as the unbreakable Egg Incubator to hatch a Pokemon. Incubating an Egg in the Super Incubator cuts the hatch distance in half.

Trainers can buy x1 Egg Incubator for 150 PokeCoins; they can buy x1 Super Incubator for 200 PokeCoins. Unfortunately, Egg Incubators and Super Incubators can't be bought in bulk, like Poke Balls or Max Potions. The only way to get more than one Incubator at a time is to buy a Voyager Box or a Hatch Box.

Since the Hatch Box is "Limited Time Only!", it won't always be for sale in the shop.

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Voyager Boxes are only worth buying if trainers desperately need Egg Incubators and if they have the PokeCoins to spare. One thing to keep in mind is that Egg Incubators are usually given as a reward for reaching specific Trainer Levels. Thus, by increasing the Trainer Level, there may not be a need to buy the Voyager Box and players can instead buy one Incubator at a time.

However, since the Voyager Box carries x8 Super Incubators and x10 Egg Incubators, the 1750 is cheaper than having to buy x8 Super Incubators (1600 PokeCoins) and x10 Egg Incubators (1500 Poke Coins) individually. The x40 Ultra Balls also aren't a bad deal considering they can't be bought from the shop.

The only way to get PokeCoins without using real money is to leave Pokemon to defend Gyms. For every hour that the Pokemon is in the Gym, they earn x6 PokeCoins. Pokemon GO has a cap of 50 PokeCoins a day. Meaning if trainers leave multiple Pokemon at different Gyms, and they all come home the same day, players will only receive 50 Coins and lose out on the rest.

The best way to guarantee that a Pokemon stays in a gym to earn Coins is to feed it berries to keep its Stamina high. If given a Golden Razz Berry, its Stamina will be fully replenished.

Another thing trainers may want to do is leave a Pokemon in an almost-full gym. Each Gym can hold up to 6 Pokemon (one per trainer). The more Pokemon there are, the more Gym Challenges it will take for trainers on opposite teams to clear out the Gym. It also helps to place a Pokemon in a Gym where the current Pokemon have moderate-high Stamina.

Finally, the other way of obtaining PokeCoins is to buy them with real money from the Shop:

One Voyager Box is 1750, so players will need to buy the 1200 PokeCoins and the 550 PokeCoins pack for 14.98. However, the amount of PokeCoins purchased can be influenced by the current amount of PokeCoins in the player's possession, or if they would like to have some leftover currency (i.e, choosing to buy the 2500 pack instead).

Pokemon GO is available for mobile devices.

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Pokemon GOShop1750 PokeCoinsVoyager Box1485 PokeCoinsone Egg Incubator that doesn't break after use9 Eggs 3 Strange Eggsbreak after three usescuts the hatch distance in halfx1 Egg Incubator150 PokeCoinsx1 Super Incubator 200 PokeCoinscan't be bought in bulkHatch Box if trainers desperately need Egg Incubatorsthe PokeCoins to sparex8 Super Incubatorsx10 Egg Incubators1750 individuallydefend Gymsevery hour that the Pokemon is in the Gymx6 PokeCoinscap of 50 PokeCoins a daystays feed it berries to keep its Stamina highGolden Razz Berryfully replenishedleave a Pokemon in an almost-full gymmoderate-high Staminabuy them with real money0.994.99 9.9919.9939.9999.99One Voyager Box is 17501200 PokeCoins550 PokeCoins 14.98current amount of PokeCoins in the player's possessionPokemon GO