Kate Hudson perfectly pulls off this intriguing retro color scheme in her living room
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Kate Hudson perfectly pulls off this intriguing retro color scheme in her living room

Jan 16, 2024

Kate Hudson has starred in beloved films such as How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days and Bride Wars. Now, the actress has taken to Instagram to share her ultra-chic living room decor, and interior designers love Kate's retro color scheme.

Kate Hudson Poses boldly on a mid-century sofa, upholstered in black, tan, and beige 1970s geometric fabric. The walls are made of warm, toasty natural wood with stylish panels. In front of her, a long black wooden coffee table highlights the black chevron on the sofa (see slide three). Inset lights in the ceiling give the home a more modern feel.

Interior designers especially love Kate Hudson's retro living room color scheme. 'The color scheme works well because it stays neutral and classic using black, beiges and creams,' says Austin-based interior designer Lenore Callahan.

'When using a retro color scheme it's important to use classic colors that never go out of style such as black and wood tones. It's also important to balance out the vintage flair with simple modern accents such as the coffee table and accessories in the image,' continues Lenore.

Artem Kropovinsky, NYC-based interior designer lauds the use of texture and light in Kate Hudson's brown living room. He states, 'It's all about context and juxtaposition. The room might incorporate a nostalgic color palette, but the arrangement, the use of light, and the complementary textures breathe new life into those shades. The balance of retro and contemporary pieces in the space makes it dynamic and layered, preventing the colors from feeling stale or too rooted in the past.'

He continues, 'Integrate contemporary design elements or use retro colors in more modern patterns and textures. Think mid-century tones like mustard yellow or avocado green paired with sleek modern furniture or minimalist wall art.'

For those hoping to integrate Kate's retro color scheme into their own homes, Artem offers some advice. He says 'To prevent retro colors from overwhelming the space, pair them with neutrals. This provides an eye-pleasing balance. Furthermore, he says 'Retro patterns can give a nod to the era without being overt. Think geometric shapes or vintage-inspired wallpapers.'

It's no surprise that Kate Hudson, well-known for her role as Penny Lane in Almost Famous is a mid-century queen. Shop the retro edit below to get started on your own elegantly simple living room idea.

Mid Century Sofa

This mid-century sofa is upholstered in a brown and beige chevron pattern for a stylish and warm look. The vintage piece was made in the 1960s of upholstery and wood.

Reclaimed Wood Table

This black low profile coffee table is a rustic and refined piece recalling the well-worn look of driftwood. Finished in a coastal black color.

Bull Skull Wall Décor

This bull skull wall decoration is made of resin and plastic to be hung on the wall. It will complete any room with a Western chic touch.