I found a vintage home essential 'in the trash'
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I found a vintage home essential 'in the trash'

Aug 19, 2023

A TIKTOK influencer has converted an abandoned humidor into a $385 profit thanks to a little effort and patience.

Influencer @fleamarketflipper shares his journey of finding and flipping old items for his over 69,000 followers on TikTok.

And, despite his TikTok handle @fleamarketflipper, he does not just get his goods from flea markets and garage sales.

Sometimes, he can find forgotten treasure sitting abandoned on the street.

In a recent video, he found a large wooden humidor sitting on the side of the road among other trashed items.

Recognizing its value, he picked up the humidor.

He saw that a piece of glass was broken and it needed a new temperature control.

The two fixes required him to shell out $65.

Along with fixes, he worked to restore the humidor's appearance by polishing the wood and making sure the inside was spotless.

He was eventually able to find a buyer on Facebook Marketplace willing to pay $450 for the restored humidor.

For safety precautions, the deal was done in a public parking lot, with him waiting in the parking lot for his Zelle payment to go through.

But, once it finally did, he had snagged a $385 profit.

While he found his treasure in a large trash heap, many expert thrifters can find hidden gems stashed away in thrift stores and other second-hand outlets.

Recently, fellow TikTok creator @surfsupfinds came across a version of NFL legend Peyton Manning's old Indianapolis Colts jersey from his time in Indianapolis.

He assumed such a prized find would go for around $30.

To his delighted shock, the icon's jersey was just $5.

A quick search of eBay revealed that Peyton Manning jerseys can sell for a wide variety of sums - and almost all of them are larger than $5.

He even quickly displayed one jersey that took home a whopping $1.5million.

While jerseys that sell for that sum are almost always authenticated game-worn memorabilia, a typical Peyton Manning fan jersey from his time with the Colts still garners more than what he put down.

Similar jerseys regularly go for $30 or more on eBay.

One thrifter was able to find an amazing deal on furniture at Goodwill.

And another gave tips on which brands resell for the most money.