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I bought $100 old

Aug 16, 2023

A THRIFTING expert has made a quick $400 profit by flipping an antique ticket booth.

The TikTok channel @fleamarketflipper features a man and his family's adventures finding hidden gems at flea markets, garage sales, and even the side of the road.

He then sells the goods for a profit, often after fixing them up.

In a recent video, he found an old ticket booth often found at carnivals and movie theaters.

Despite its antique appeal and size, the booth only cost $100.

The ticket booth had broken glass, and @fleamarketflipper thought about doing an extensive renovation.

Yet, in the end, he found a seller on Facebook Marketplace willing to take it off their hands without changing anything for $500.

While he could not make thousands of dollars off the booth, he still managed to quadruple his initial investment.

And unlike other flips, this one required little to no work or maintenance.

In a previous video, they made more money finding, fixing, and selling an abandoned humidor.

He found the humidor on the side of the road, abandoned and merely picked it up in his truck.

He saw that a piece of glass was broken in the humidor and it needed a new temperature control.

The two fixes required him to shell out $65.

Along with repairs, he restored the humidor's appearance by polishing the wood and making sure the inside was spotless.

He was eventually able to find a buyer on Facebook Marketplace willing to pay $450 for the restored humidor.

He snagged a $385 profit, slightly less than he did simply flipping the ticket booth.

Many other TikTok channels document their journey of turning old thrift store finds into big profits.

Recently, fellow TikTok creator @surfsupfinds came across a version of NFL legend Peyton Manning's old Indianapolis Colts jersey from his time in Indianapolis.

He assumed such a prized find would go for around $30.

To his delighted shock, the icon's jersey was just $5.

A search of eBay revealed that Peyton Manning jerseys can sell for a wide variety of sums - and almost all of them are larger than $5.

He quickly displayed one jersey that took home a whopping $1.5million.

While jerseys that sell for that amount are almost always authenticated game-worn memorabilia, a typical Peyton Manning fan jersey from his time with the Colts still garners more than what he put down.

Similar jerseys regularly go for $30 or more on eBay.

Another thrifter could flip his new watch for a massive profit.

And an old camera with a famous name was a diamond in the rough for one keen thrifter.