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Gen Z Business Spotlight: KAECHE

Jun 28, 2023

Kaela Cherise founder of KAECHE credits her childhood for her love of accessories after seeing images of figures in ESSENCE magazine and BET Award red carpets. She knew she wanted to add her staple touch to these glamorous celebrities she saw.

When thinking of a concept she wanted to create for her business, she first wanted to make clothing and even took a sewing class, but that quickly changed. “I cared more about creating unique designs instead of rushing into trendy fashion,” Cherise said.

Instead of adding her unique touch to fabrics, she gravitated toward jewelry design.

“While browsing Hobby Lobby’s jewelry section, life’s fate consumed me and changed everything,” she told GU. “What started as a way to fund my clothing dreams unexpectedly turned into a strong bond with jewelry. It’s an intrinsic connection in which I am never letting go.”

KAECHE Accessories was born and became a haven for those who wanted to add that flair to any outfit. “I am amazed at how beautiful gold or silver pieces can transform a look and build confidence. This excitement keeps me going, and I’m determined to create jewelry to decorate and empower,” she said.

She can garner her community and empower customers to release their inner fashionista through her brand. “I believe that all credit goes to God,” Cherise said. “I reflect on meeting one of my models purely because she rocked my jewelry and went viral on Twitter. We hadn’t even crossed paths before, but that intrinsic connection happened. It truly was destiny at play.”

Check out some must-have products to snag at the KAECHE jewelry brand.

You can mix and match to create a look that is special to you. With the top trio set, you can customize a complete set to sport for any occasion.

The Logo Mini hoops showcase the KAECHE emblem, making this hoop a staple accessory in your jewelry box all year round.

If you rep your city to the highest level, then the Different Area Code necklace is the perfect accessory in your closet to always have a piece of home with you.

“My top recommendation for newcomers is our Spirit Animal Necklace,” Cherise said. “This piece showcases the buyer’s zodiac symbol in diamonds encircled by clear crystals. Since 2020, it has consistently held its position as our best-seller, and there’s no sign of slowing down. The Spirit Animal Necklace is a testament to timelessness, versatility, and empowering your inner “spiritual animal.”

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