CigarBros + Boveda Humidor Debuting at PCA 2023
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CigarBros + Boveda Humidor Debuting at PCA 2023

Aug 25, 2023

CigarBros, a company that sells unique single-serve cigar humidors for businesses, is launching a new humidor designed for consumers.

It’s called the CigarBros + Boveda Humidor, and it’s made of expanded polypropylene (EPP), a type of closed-cell foam. The humidor measures 10 inches long by 14 inches wide and 5.88 inches tall. Inside, the dimensions are 8 x 12 x 3.7, which the company says can allow up to 80 cigars to be stored.

The MSRP is set at $49.99, which includes the humidor and one 60-gram 69 percent Boveda pack. There is a small cut-out at the bottom of each humidor designed to hold one 60-gram Boveda pack.

CigarBros says that the use of EPP gives the company some advantages over traditional wood-based humidors. EPP a food-grade, odorless material, meaning it won’t impart any additional scents into the cigars inside. Furthermore, it’s a durable material that offers some thermal insulation. In addition, EPP is relatively light and the humidors are designed in a way that they can easily be stacked on top of one another. EPP is also a recyclable material. CigarBros says the humidor provides an airtight seal and it has a fully removable lid.

The company says it will take orders for the new humidor at the 2023 PCA Convention & Trade Show, which takes place July 8-11 in Las Vegas, and begin shipping the humidors after the trade show.

Up until this point, CigarBros has had a very different business. It offers businesses humidors that are designed to merchandise single cigars vertically. The humidors look similar to how one might imagine a cigar vending machine, though there is no ability to take payment, meaning customers still need to purchase their cigars outside of the humidor. These humidors are primarily targeted at businesses that are not traditional cigar stores, places like convenience stores, hotels, restaurants and others. It gives businesses a way to offer cigars without having to build a walk-in humidor or even find suppliers.

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