Best Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic cases in 2023
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Best Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic cases in 2023

Sep 15, 2023

Dress up your Galaxy Watch 6 Classic with the best protection

Samsung's Galaxy Watch-series smartwatches have traditionally had solid build quality to offer a respectable level of durability. And the same is true for the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic; it has a steel body and sapphire crystal to handle everyday mishaps. But as we know, even with these materials, the Watch 6 Classic can catch scratches, scrapes, and other blemishes. So, opting for a case is a good idea to keep your investment in the Watch 6 Classic safe. If you are even more concerned about protection, a Watch 6 Classic screen protector will also help.

The Spigen Liquid Air Armor is a sleek case for the Watch 6 Classic that adds the necessary protection without too much bulk. Made using TPU material, it's flexible and offers a perfect fit. It also covers most of the smartwatch shell, but there are cutouts to access the rotating bezel. Moreover, the Spigen offering doesn't impact the smartwatch's ability to charge over cradles. Unfortunately, it only comes in a single Matte Black version.

As the name suggests, the Spigen Rugged Armor Pro is a heavy-duty case that will keep the smartwatch safe from bumps, drops, impacts, scratches, and other mishaps. One of the highlights of the Rugged Armor Pro is the bundled strap that matches the case's design so it won't stick out, which is a problem several other cases face. Plus, like the Liquid Air Armor, it has cutouts for buttons and a rotating bezel.

With five bumper-style cases and five tempered glass protectors in the box, this Tensea offering is an excellent value for the money. But most importantly, it covers almost every part of the smartwatch that can get damaged by a bump, impact, or drop. Also, since each included case is a different color, you can mix and match them with the watch bands or your wardrobe.

Featuring a sandstone texture, the Caseology Vault is ideal if you put protection above style or the watch design. It will certainly keep your smartwatch protected from scratches, scrapes, dents, and other blemishes. The Vault manages to offer this top-notch protection because it only leaves the parts of the smartwatch bare that are required for the watch's functioning, such as a cutout for the rotating bezel, sensors on the back, and the lugs.

If you don't like the limited cutout available on some other cases for the rotating bezel, the TenCloud Bezel Case will be more your speed. It has an entirely separate TPU ring for the bezel, which is not connected to the rest of the case. So you can attach the ring to the bezel and rotate it from anywhere you want. In other highlights, the case is lightweight but will still protect the smartwatch from any mishap.

Available in black and transparent versions, the Ymhml case for the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic is lightweight and doesn't add too much bulk to your watch. So while it may not offer protection as good as the Spigen Rugged Armor, it can take on minor blemishes. Moreover, the company bundles a screen protector to keep the display free from scratches and scrapes.

The Samsung Watch 6 Classic is a looker. But it's also relatively delicate despite Samsung's various durability enhancements. So you'll want a case to help prevent scratches, cracks, dents, and other wear and tear that can impact the appearance or performance of the watch.

While it's slim pickings for the Watch 6 Classic cases right now, we like Spigen's Liquid Air Armor. It comes from a reputed brand and has a TPU body to keep the watch safe without impacting its functionality. But if you want even more protection, the company also offers the Rugged Armor, which is slightly more expensive but much more robust and heavy-duty. It also includes a matching strap.

Bargain hunters will like Tensea's offering, which comes with five differently-colored bumper-style cases and five screen protectors for just $12. It also offers a snug fit and a decent amount of protection.

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