10 Best Game Shows Like ‘Generation Gap’ That Are Kid
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10 Best Game Shows Like ‘Generation Gap’ That Are Kid

May 31, 2023

If you want a game show that's fun for the whole family, these ones are for you!

The game show Generation Gap, hosted by Kelly Ripa and spun off from a recurring segment on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, is a fun kids’ game show whereby kids are paired with adults, usually a parent or grandparent, where they compete in teams in a variety of challenges. The questions and other games are all suited to the opposite generation, so kids are tasked with trying to identify photos, people, or objects from generations of yore while adults are given more pop culture questions. The results are hilarious, heartwarming, and adorable.

It's no wonder kids of all ages are loving Generation Gap, which has become a favorite game show to watch with the entire family. But it’s not the only one worth checking out.

Floor is Lava, presented by Rutledge Smith, is a unique competition show based on the children’s game of the same name. The object is to avoid stepping on the floor, pretending that it’s deadly lava (it’s actually just red, slippery goop). Instead of household furniture, they navigate a complex obstacle course.

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Families compete together in hopes that as many members as possible can make it to the end without falling. This is a much more physical game than Generation Gap, but Floor is Lava is one that fans of all ages can enjoy.

Airing for five seasons and based on the Hasbro Family Game Night game by Electronic Arts, Family Game Night (sometimes referred to simply as FGN), hosted by Todd Newton, brings the idea of gathering around the table to enjoy a classic board game to the small screen. Families play various games together while competing to become the winners.

The families typically include two parents and two kids, one younger and one teenager, but the youngest child is always at the center. From the Monopoly inspired challenges to Guess Who!, Scrabble, and more, Family Game Night combines classic games families love to play at home.

Airing originally from 2007 to 2009 with Jeff Foxworthy as host then revived in 2015 and again in 2019 with the professional wrestler and actor John Cena at the helm, Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader puts kids front and center as the experts in a variety of trivia-based fields. The idea is to challenge adults to see if they remember their studies or if kids really do know best.

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All the questions are from elementary school textbooks, which means kids aged 10 and older could easily play along with their parents at home as well. It’s not only a fun show but it’s also educational, testing kids to see how much they actually learn in school.

In this show, hosted by Yvette Nicole Brown, kids use their intuition and deduction skills to determine if an adult is lying. The Big Fib features two people who claim to be experts in a specific field. The kids must ask questions and then decide who is the truth-teller and who is fibbing.

There’s a hidden educational component in this show: as kids ask questions and the so-called experts answer, the kids learn a thing or two about the topic at hand as well. It’s also a way to teach kids how harmful lying can be if it were used in a real-world adult scenario.

Hosted by Lauren Rihimaki, Craftopia is a fun reality competition series focused on kids aged 9-15 and fostering their love of crafting. They are challenged with creating different themed items within a specified time period using a variety of materials they can grab from a makeshift store. The best creation wins the grand prize of $5,000.

Craftopia encourages creativity, imagination, and crafting skills. Kids can come up with their own ideas while watching at home, and even try to make their own creations (albeit on a much smaller scale using materials at hand) alongside the competitors.

Hosted by Ellen DeGeneres with the late Stephen “tWitch” Boss as an announcer and sidekick, Ellen’s Game of Games is a fun game show that features adult competitors playing child-like games and competitions. These include blindfolded musical chairs, Heads Up!, and Hot Hands.

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Along with physical competition designed for people of all ages, sizes, and fitness levels, there’s also a trivia component. The end Hot Hands challenge requires the player to identify celebrities from photos as quickly as they can, trying to get 10 names in 30 seconds. There’s a Hot Hands app that parents and kids can play at home, too, for practice before the real game.

Revived after a more than decade-long hiatus, Don’t Forget the Lyrics! features adult competitors, but the musicality of the game show is what kids will love as well. The grand prize is $1 million for competitors who can correctly dictate the next song lyrics in sequence from words and phrases they are given.

Featuring Wayne Brady, Mark McGrath, and Niecy Nash as hosts through its run, players can select from genres, time periods, artists, and themes, delivering a nice mix of music that everyone of any age will enjoy.

It’s a reality singing competition show like no other. Hosted by Ken Jeong, I Can See Your Voice sees adult players hearing clues and backstories about six secret singers. Each person sings and the competitor must guess if the voice they hear is the performer’s real one or if they are pretending. Identifying the real singers earns more cash.

The players are aided by a panel of celebrity judges, including Cheryl Hines and Adrienne Houghton, who provide their insight and opinion based on things like mannerisms and intuition. Kids will love guessing along and laugh hysterically when a pretend singer is revealed to be someone with a piercingly awful singing voice.

Executive produced in part by LeBron James and hosted by Chris Hardwick (also an executive producer), The Wall is an advanced version of Plinko. Teams of two adults, usually a married couple, parent/child, siblings, or friends, play together to try and boost the amount of money they have on the wall. One person answers trivia questions in the back and the person upfront decides where to place a ball (or multiple balls) and watch them drop to either add or lose money. In the end, the person in the back must decide whether to take guaranteed cash or risk it all for whatever is left on the wall without knowing what that amount is.

What makes The Wall great for kids is that competitors are inspirational people with heartwarming backstories about kindness in their community, resilience, overcoming obstacles, and doing their part to contribute to positivity and love.

Press Your Luck will remind parents of watching the original back in the ‘80s and ‘90s. This new version, hosted by the esteemed Elizabeth Banks, is much the same. Three competitors play to add money to their totals, landing in cash, prizes, and moves. But they must avoid the Whammy, an adorable little monster that wipes their slate clean.

The person with the most money gets to play a final round where prizes on the board are tailored to their desires, from trips to Hawaii to motorcycles, cars, and even concert tickets. The show is totally upbeat: kids will be clapping and excited to see what happens next, feeling the joy from the players as they watch dreams come true.

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